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Lagos, Algarve Notes -

A few notes on nearby Lagos, The Algarve.

Lagos, AlgarveThis page is still being developed albeit slowly. Just ten minutes from Praia da Luz is one of the Algarve's largest towns. Lagos. There are quite a few web sites that cover the town in depth and I'm not intending to compete with them. They'll be mentioned below. This page is here purely to compliment the rest of my site and allow me to make my own observations on the town, its shops and restaurants. So you will not find an exhaustive list of places, just the ones I have visited or used.

Lagos is a major fishing port and marina yet rich in history and interest. It was the home of the first slave market which can still be seen standing on the riverbank. The statue of Henry the Navigator overlooks the promenade displaying the towns close association with the sea. There are plenty of lively bars and good shops. The old town is particularly nice with plenty of street cafes and restaurants. A good and varied night life to be had here. Make sure you pick up one of the free maps, available most everywhere, to get the best out of the town. There are several very large supermarkets mostly situated around the outskirts of the town. Coming from Luz the Intermarche is most accessible. Fairly regular buses run from the square by the church in Luz but they do tend to finish early so check out the timetable at the bus stop when you travel. A taxi from Luz will be around €10 depending where you are going to in Lagos.

Map of Lagos ( near Praia da Luz )

( Lidl Details )
( Modelo Details )
( Intermarche Details )
( Pingo Details )
Mercado de Peixes
Fish Market
( Market Details )
Computer Repairs
( PCFix Details )

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Car Hire

Auto Jardim do Algarve

Autojardim Tel :(+351) 282 769 486.
Web :Auto Jardim

Central Rent

Tel :(+351) 282 767 674.
Email :Centralrent


DailyRent A new company based in Lagos. A full range of vehicles at reasonable rates. Prices available on request. On-line booking form.
Where :Rua D. Vasco da Gama nº51 B8600 - 722 Lagos.
Tel :(+351) 282 799 380
Fax :(+351) 282 799 369
Web :Dailyrent

Master Kings

Master Kings Car Rental A new rental company opened at Lagos Marina at the beginning of June 2008. All inclusive prices. Collection and Return to / from Faro Airport or Lagos. Look for opening promotions.
Where :Lagos Marina.
Address :Marina de Lagos, Nucleo Gil Eanes , loja 8 8600-780 Lagos
Tel :(+351) 91 295 00 69
Fax :(+351) 289 819 960
Email :evacristinasantos
Web :Master Kings


Aldo Bikes, Scooters, Quads.
Address :Rua José Afonso, 23,
Tel :(+351) 282 761 720


Address :Estrada da Ponta da Piedade, Edificio Baluarte, Lt 27,
Tel :(+351) 282 082 598.
Email :Rentacar


Address :Av. dos Descobrimentos, Nº43,
Tel :(+351) 282 762 467


Lagos Doctors

Dr. Frieder Nicolay

Address : Quatro Estradas, Lagos Quatro Estradas, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 762 902

Dr. Hella Wellmer

Address : Rua Eca de Queiros 2, Lagos Rua Eca de Queiros 2, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 762 264

Clinica Dentaria da Barroca

Address : Rua da Barroca 48, Lagos Rua da Barroca 48, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 763 496


24hr Pharmacies

Weekdays 09.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 19.00. Rota system applies for lunchtimes, weekends, night time and public holidays.


Where : Rua Prof. Joaquim, Alberto Taquelim, Lote 8 Dto, Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 762 901.


Where : Rua Porta Pequena, 3-5 Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 769 966

Ribeiro Lopes

Where : Rua Garrett, 22 Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 762 830


Where : Rua 25 de Abril, 9 Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 762 859.


Where : Rua Henrique Correia Silva, 1-3, Lagos.
Tel : (+351) 282 760 556


Computer Repairs

PCFix, Lagos Map Location N


A computer repair shop also sales and consultation.
Nuno Ricardo Marques
Address : BUSCONCEPT – Informática e Serviços, Unipessoal, Lda. Rua Capitão Salgueiro Maia, Lote 16, Loja D. 8600-620 Lagos, Portugal
Tel : (+351) 282 767 564
Fax : (+351) 282 100 660
T.M.N : (+351) 963 090 258
Mobile : (+351) 916 960 947
Email :
Web :PCFix

Internet Cafe

Bora Cafe

Cafe with Internet access and Wi-Fi spot.
Address : Quatro Estradas, Lagos Quatro Estradas, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 083 438

Internet Cafe

Imperio Do Mar Cyber Café

Address : Rua Cândido dos Reis, 117, Lagos
Tel : (+351)



Internet access, computer sales and repairs.
Address : Avenida dos Descrobimentos, 19, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 089 586


Meg@byte Cyber Centre

Ten computers with fast internet.
Address : Praça d'Armas, ( near the Lagos youth hostel ).
Tel : (+351) 282 087 439



Six computers with internet access, computer and mobile phone sales.
Address : Rua Infante de Sagres, 22, Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 089 619



Supermarket Icon

Map Location A


Cheap and Cheerful but good quality nonetheless.
Where :Left turn at the first roundabout as you enter Lagos (from Luz), down the hill, cross the next roundabout. Lidl is on the left side of the road.
Where (2):There is another large branch on the main roundabout in Portimao. It is on the opposite side of the road to the large Modelo Shopping complex, which is accessible by the footbridge over the road.


Supermarket Icon

Map Location BModelo Supermarket, Lagos


Part of a popular Portuguese chain.
Where :Left turn at the first roundabout on entering Lagos (from Luz), down the hill, left turn at the next roundabout, going up the hill. Follow the road for about two or three minutes. The Supermarket is on the right, the entrance is just before the petrol station.



Map Location CIntermarche Hypermarket, Lagos


Situated on the Luz side of Lagos. The largest supermarket in the region.
Where :Straight across the first roundabout as you enter Lagos (from Luz), on the right side of the road at the bottom of the long slope.
Tel:(+351) 282 782 233.

Pingo Doce


Map Location D


Part of a Portuguese chain. They do flower deliveries.
Where: On the other side of Lagos (from Luz). Follow the signs for the N125 to Portimao. After crossing the road bridge by the marina, the Supermarket is on the left, keep an eye out for the Penguin sign.
Tel:(+351) 282 792 256

Mercado de Peixes

Crab & Shellfish

Map Location EFish Market, Lagos

Fish Market

A fresh Fish, Meat, Fruit and Vegetable Market. There are many different vendors. It is spread over two floors with a further 3rd floor which is a coffee bar and restaurant. Get there early for the best choice for fish.
Where :On the main road facing the Town Waterfront boardwalk, between the Post Office and the Marina.


Nightlife in Lagos

Portugal - info

Restaurants in Lagos

Portugal - virtual

General Information

A nice article on Lagos and its history.

Paradise Club

Indoor swimming pool, gym and sauna
Tel : (+351) 282 082 598

Lagos Tennis School

Tennis lessons, two courts and equipment hire
Tel : (+351) 282 081 915



Miscellaneous Services & Facilities


Barclays Bank

Where : Urb. Varandas de S. João, Lote 6, 8600-324 Lagos
Tel : (+351) 282 780 020
Fax : (+351) 282 780 021

Lagos Events


Feira Coral do Algarve (Choral)

29th & 30th July

Feira da Arte Doce (Sweets)


Feira da Gastronomia (Food)

15th August

Feira de N. Sra. Da Glória

12th October

Feira de Outubro

27th October

Feira de S. Gonçalo. Lagos Day.

22nd - 24th November

Feira Franca de Lagos

Lagos Telephone Numbers

Help ( U.K. equiv. to 999 ) 112    
Support for Tourists 800 296 296 Tourist Office (Lagos) (+351) 282 763 031
Police (+351) 282 762 930 Fire Brigade (+351) 282 770 790
Hospital (+351) 282 770 100 Ambulance (+351) 282 760 115
Hospital Privado São Gonçalo (+351) 282 760 181 Emergency Treatment (+351) 282 771 000
Railways (CP) - 808 208 208    
Town Hall (+351) 282 762 055    
VisitedThose places I have visited are marked with a green tick and will have a date of the last time I was there. Any remarks included above are my own views. You may not agree. So why not try them and let me know if you think I haven't done place justice or disagree with my comments and whether I should or should not continue to list them. If you are a proprietor and wish to add / amend any detail please let me know by clicking on the link below.

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